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0002-Cause and Effect-Problems of Treating Effects at Carlsbad Gonstead Chiropractor

How does the Carlsbad chiropractor who practices Gonstead chiropractic view your symptoms?  He doesn’t.  He is concerned with cause.

I like to challenge your thinking today with some logic.

Medicine’s entire existence is based upon treating signs and symptoms.  If you go to your MD and tell him you’re feeling well, what can he do for you?  What drug does he have for you feeling good?  What organ should be cut out if you’re feeling good?  The sole purpose of medicine is to treat symptoms.

Why does the body develop symptoms?  A symptom is nothing more than your body adapting to a situation.  For instance.  Let’s say you eat bad food tainted with salmonella bacteria.  Next morning you have explosive diarrhea.

Why does your body have diarrhea?  Your body is trying to expel the bacteria out from your guts as fast as possible.  The diarrhea is an effect of your body trying to rid yourself of the poison.  That seems pretty wise to me.

So the diarrhea is an effect of your body working properly.

Now if you go to the MD, instead of your Carlsbad chiropractor, and you have diarrhea.  He’s gonna give you a pill to slow your bowels.  So now the diarrhea stops.

Before we go further.  Is diarrhea comfortable?  Definitely not.  Would it be nice if I could stop it?  You bet.

Is that a good idea?  Trying to slow the rate at which your body excretes poison?  But that is what happens when you treat effects.  You try and overrun the body’s intelligent ability to adapt to the environment.  Doesn’t that seem like it would make your body sicker?

Same thing with a fever.  You get around an excessive amount of bacteria, your body raises it’s temperature to kill off the bacteria.  You go to your MD.  He gives you Tylenol to fight the body’s response to defending itself.  You think doing this gets you sicker or healthier?

Feel good and being healthy are different. The whole goal of medicine is to make you feel better, not get you better.

Think of cancer.  If you poison your body with nerve interference, bad thots, bad food, your body may respond by creating abnormal functioning cells that can better adapt to the poisonous environment you are creating.  Medicine calls these cancer cells.  However, these cells are just better at adapting to a poisonous environment.  h Cancer cells are different and function different, however they allow the organ to work in a poisoned environment for some amount of time.  And instead of changing your lifestyle, you go to your physician and he gives you radiation and chemo.  How is poisoning your body’s intelligent response to the poisonous environment you’ve put yourself in, going to make you better?

See medicine is always working on the effect instead of the cause.  And that’s why outside of emergency medicine which is exactly where medicine belongs, it fails miserably.  It’s because medicine attempts to poison or cut out effects of the body adapting to its environment.

Let’s talk about cause.  When people come into my office, I look for one thing.  Nerve interference in one or more of 24 vertebrae.  We can predict that if they have nerve interference, they will display symptoms.  So I give an adjustment to remove nerve interference.  And their body is able to get well from all their symptoms.  I remove one thing.  And the body can heal.  It’s because chiropractors in Carlsbad correct cause, not treat effects. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.



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Here’s some more patient success, another high blood pressure case.  Woman in 6 weeks off all blood pressure meds.  When innate is not interfered with due to spinal subluxation, amazing things happen.  Not only that but.

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